The purpose of the page and blog is to discuss my own process on how I am learning to combat my mental health demons. I have battled with depression, anxiety and adverse mental health the majority of my adult life. This has generally been a state I have occupied alone and have not felt able to share openly with family, friends and loved ones.

The conversation regarding mental health has thankfully opened up and about time. For too long, it has been swept aside, kept hidden and people have just go on with it. But unfortunately for many, this is still a taboo subject and they continue to suffer in silence. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS. One of the biggest obstacles to overcoming this, is the access to free mental health therapy. I myself recently have started speaking to a therapist which I have been able to access through a private clinic in Jesmond. I understand that I am very fortunate to be able to do this and not everyone has the means to access such institutions. The ability to obtain free at the point of use treatment and therapy will be something I discuss throughout these posts so you will just have to keep reading to learn more.

There is also another topic I have to explore…

Alcohol. The drink, booze. Whatever you want to call it. My dysfunctional relationship with alcohol has lead me down some dark paths (literally in some cases) and contributed to downward spirals in my overall mental state. In these posts I plan to be honest and open about the numerous mistakes I have made whilst intoxicated and how drinking heavily has effected my life. The connection between heavy alcohol use and poor mental health for me could not be stronger.

I know the posts are going to be beneficial to me and getting all this off my chest will play an integral part in my recovery. But, I also hope that for people reading this and my blogs that it can help them too.