A happy new year to anyone reading this. I wish you a safe and successful 2023. Christmas and New year were as predicted a quiet affair. As I mentioned in the last blog, I am not a massive fan of that time of year. I’m usually glad when its over and this time was no different. However, it was a lot better than some of the previous years I have had with dubious behaviour usually clouding over any positive experiences.

For the first time in probably fifteen years (approximately) I didn’t have alcohol over the Christmas period. This resulted in the time off from work taking a different shape than it normally would. Christ, I even trained at the gym on boxing day! I certainly wouldn’t have seen that coming if you had told me that was going to happen this time last year. Training has become such an important part of my day-to-day life. I don’t think I could go back to not hitting the gym a few times a week. The mental clarity I am able to reach after an hour or two of lifting or cardio has become something I crave and want to have in my life every day. Last Tuesday was my first session back with the therapist since before Christmas and it was a grueling ordeal. Afterwards, I went straight to the gym. I knew it would make me feel better and distract me from what I had just been discussing. Previously, that distraction would probably have been a few drinks and a late night. This time, it was leg session. Madness how far to the opposite I have gone. The session with my therapist was a real unburdening experience. I had nearly a month’s worth of life to cram into fifty minutes.

My therapy sessions are extremely valuable to me, I would not be here today without them that’s for sure. They are part of the process of maintaining positive mental health mixed in with exercise, blogging and a full schedule. If you are going through something right now, my advice would be firstly, take the time to talk to someone in your close family or trusted circle. If that isn’t possible or you don’t feel you can, then talk to a stranger. Someone with no preconceptions of your life. Occupying my time is another key part of the ‘success’ I have had in transitioning from someone with poor mental health to where I feel I am today. A stimulated and occupied mind has a better chance of not letting those demons in. I appreciate this all sounds very simplistic when I list the above and of course it isn’t. There are people who are just not able to begin the process without help from those around them. So, if you aren’t in a bad spot at the moment check in with your nearest and dearest as well as colleagues or even strangers if the chance arises. I am not saying walk up to strangers in the street or start randomly chatting to people on the bus but if the opportunity presents itself, speak to someone. Ask them how they are. And then ask them again.

My session on Tuesday comprised of two main topics. Work, and my dad. Work is going well at the moment with some really good opportunities potentially coming up for me over the next few months which I am very excited about. I am fortunate to work for a very forward-thinking business who look after their staff and push for the development of its employees. One of my main aims in 2023 (more on this to follow) is to really drive forward my career with Summit Platforms. I have many goals and there’s many mountains to climb….sorry I was attempting a summit related play on words there. But yeh, driving forward with work is a real area I am dedicating focus to this year making sure I am reaching my full potential.

The main discussion and talking point of my therapy this week was my dad. He has unfortunately been diagnosed with a recurring illness, which he fought brilliantly back in 2019 and 2020. Without disclosing too much information on this, it has been a real area of concern for us all over the last few weeks. I am not sure if I can describe how important my dad has been to me in my recovery over the last year. He is someone I heavily rely on in my day-to-day life. I wrote a blog a few months back about my dad and the role he has played throughout my life. I know he will be reading this which makes me hesitant to say that I am terrified of losing him. We all are. We have definitely become closer since his diagnosis and my illness last year which has been a positive for both of us. I know ultimately that everyone passes on, and loss is something everyone has to deal with, but I am not ready for that with him. He has so much more life to live so I am hoping and wishing for him to react well to his current round of treatment. This may come across as a bit of a morbid blog but tackling this subject head on and not shying away from it is important.

It has been great to write this one and get back into the swing of blogging again. I know how crucial it is for me and my wellbeing.

Thanks for reading.

Nick Denton

Sobering Thoughts